Spry Mints with Xylitol

Spry Mints with Xylitol

Dental Defense System!


100 pieces

Flavors: Peppermint, Berry, Lemon Refreshing, delicious mints.

Sugar-free and sweetened with 100% xylitol.

Studies have shown that xylitol may help reduce the risk of tooth decay and dental plaque acid production.

For best results, take 1-2 mints after every meal and snack.

Discover Xylitol, the healthy sugar alternative that:

  • Looks and Tastes just like sugar
  • Does not raise insulin levels
  • Helps prevent Dental Cavities and More


gum arabic
natural flavors
magnesium stearate
Lemon also has calcium lactate
Berry also has carmine

Xylitol—An Amazing Discovery for Health

A healthy, natural sweetener

Pure Xylitol is a white crystalline substance that looks and tastes like sugar. It is a naturally occurring 5-carbon sugar alcohol found in many fruits and vegetables and produced in small amounts by the human body. For commercial use, it is manufactured from xylan hemicellulose sources such as Birch trees, cane bagasse and corn cobs/stalks.

It is the sweetest of the polyols with the same sweetness as sugar (sucrose) but with 40% fewer calories and none of the negative tooth decay or insulin release effects of sugar.

Classified on labels as a carbohydrate, Xylitol has been used in foods since the 1960′s and is approved in the U.S. as a food additive in unlimited quantity for foods with special dietary purposes. It is safe for use by those with diabetes or hypoglycemia.

Over 25 years of testing clinical testing confirms that Xylitol is the best sweetener for teeth. Its use has been shown to reduce instances of tooth decay by up to 80%. Sugarfree chewing gums and candies made with this sweetener have already received official endorsements from six national dental associations.

Health Benefits:
1. One of bacteria’s natural enemies. When certain harmful bacteria enter the body, they attach to the membranes of the nose and throat. They begin to culture and grow, causing infection and sickness.

When it’s introduced to the harmful bacteria (specifically Strep pneumo and H Flu), the bacteria lose their ability to adhere to those membranes and are not able to grow. Unlike most antibiotics which kill the majority of bacteria and leave the resistant, super bacteria behind, merely flushes harmful bacteria away.

2. Significant dental benefits. These benefits have been confirmed in numerous field studies conducted throughout the world and has lead to official endorsements by the dental association in Finland, Norway, Sweden, England, Ireland, Estonia and the Netherlands of products containing high levels of this sweetener.

Xylitol has been clinically proven to:

  • Fight and lessen the occurrence of Inner Ear and Sinus Infection
  • Fight and Reduce Plaque
  • Fight Cavities
  • Reduces the secretion of Plaque Acids
  • Facilitate the Remineralization of Tooth Enamel

Xylitol is also:

Recommended by Dentists, Medical Doctors, Periodontists, Pediatricians and many health organizations and health professionals worldwide.

Recommended as a sweetener for diabetics and people with hypoglycemia. It has a LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX (7) and has little effect on blood sugar levels.

Recommended as a natural replacement for fluoride. Clinical studies show that Xylitol helps reduce cavities up to 80%. It reduces plaque and allows fluoride to more easily penetrate teeth.

In The Sweet Miracle of Xylitol by Fran Gare, N.D., Fran discusses the health benefits of using Xylitol rather than sugar and other sugar alternatives, such as aspartame and saccharin.

The average American consumes a half cup of sugar each day. Eating this much sugar on a daily basis can compromise anyone’s health, but it is particularly detrimental I cases of diabetes, insulin resistance, and Syndrome X. While alternatives to sugar are widely available, not all of them are healthy choices – and some of them taste just awful. Fortunately, there’s Xylitol – “the sweet miracle”. This all natural sugar substitute, which is derived from birth tree bard or corncobs, does not require insulin to e metabolized, making it an overall healthy choice. It looks and tasted just like sugar but has fewer calories and carbohydrates and, teaspoon for teaspoon, behaves like sugar in most of your recipes. Moreover, Xylitol has a variety of health-enhancing properties.

Spry Mints Testimonial:

I have a sweet tooth and have Type II Diabetes. With proper diet, I got the Diabetes under control, but I couldn’t have done it without the healthy sugar substitutes. I LOVE the Spry mints and gum. I always use the Stevia to sweeten my tea, and now I am trying different recipes with the Xylitol. So far I have made muffins, cookies, and homemade ice cream with it and they all turned out fantastic. It’s good to know that none of these will alter with my blood sugar or make me gain weight, and the best part of all is they don’t have any harmful chemicals in them like the other sweeteners on the market.

Michelle L. Spring Valley, CA

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